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Samantha, I understand your concern, but in a different way. I am a 58 yo widower and to keep busy and meet people I took up dancing (all styles), I absolutely love it. I also love cruising and somtimes cruise as a solo. Divemaster is right about the singles on cruises, they tend to be older (like moi), and the single women out number the single guys. I've been on one Carnival cruise and the passengers were definitely younger, so it was especially good for singles.
It may be difficult to find an attractive guy/gal on some cruises, but for me is it almost impossible to find good social dancers on most cruises. So I end up teaching ladies how to dance, which is almost as enjoyable.
I know I am getting old when I get excited when I see a lady who knows how to dance, and looks are a distant second.
Good luck Samantha, you will have to give cruising a shot sometime...., cheers ... Jim.
58 yo single widower. Love to cruise and meet new people.
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