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Default Re: Cabin cleaning once a day

Originally Posted by Jim Bragg
One visit a day simply is not enough and will not be done. You need then to clean your cabin, rep[lace towels, etc in the am as well as turn down your bedding and replace towels in the PM. Not only that but it is nice when they manage to do a quick check sometime during the day and refresh your ice bucket and anything else that needs doing.
I agree with you.

Especially if there are multiple people in the cabin, if the steward only serviced it once a day, it wouldn't save him any time because he'd have a major mess to clean up during that one visit. He'd probably spend more time in the cabin straightening out the mess during that one visit than he would spend on his current two.

Besides, I too like having my bed turned down for me ... fresh towels put in the bathroom, and fresh ice added to the ice bucket. Makes the cabin seem so much more like home when I return to it after a night out and about around the ship.

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