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Default "Unofficial Good Morning Thread!"

Everyone ....

We are closing some of these silly threads that do not mean anything, such as "two word game" and "three word game".

We hope no one takes offense but we just don't want these meaningless threads dominating our "new posts" every day.

We are leaving THIS thread and re-naming it to the "Unofficial Good Morning Thread" because we see a lot of people posting daily updates here.

Just for the record - here is the original post on this thread called "who is the last to post in this thread" by Thomas that started this thread below...

Paul Motter - Editor.

Hmmmmm..................guess it was me!

Book me on your next cruise and enjoy your personal punching bag.

Last edited by Paul Motter; April 16th, 2012 at 08:31 PM. Reason: To eliminate meaningless threads
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