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I can offer what I know from my Aunt and Uncle who decided to go the RV route.

They retired, bought a smaller home, and bought a HUGE RV.
(I was personally concerned that they had joined a Rock and Rock band)

They had always had some type of RV through the years, so they knew what to expect.

But things changed. My aunt said it was too big for her to drive and park, and my Uncle was getting older and got tired of having to do all the driving. The RV was so big, with a car in tow, they had even more trouble.

My aunt said it wasn't much of a vacation for her.... cooking 3 meals a day, cleaning up in a small kitchen, no dishwasher.......mopping, vaccuming, trying to do laundry. And of course then there was the gas!

I'm not sure how much it cost to fill it up, because my Uncle fainted everytime he saw the total.

The payments were high, the insurance was high, gas was high, plus RV park fees, maintenance costs.....
My aunt said it wasn't much of a vacation experience for her.

So she totaled up all the expences and compared them to a nice cruise vacation, Hawaii vacation, or just a few weeks at different places they wanted to visit..
She said they would come out ahead to just drive a car, or even fly, to a vacation spot, get a nice hotel....and she didn't have to cook, clean, find a laundry, etc.

They sold the RV, didn't have the additional gas to buy, the extra insurance, and now they go where they want and enjoy being "pampered"
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