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Originally Posted by thegambler
Hi nurseypoo,

You are stressing way too much about this! You can save yourself a lot of packing space by not bringing all the drinks aboard. My favorite bottled water at home is a sparkling water drink from Walmart. I buy the 1 liter size and drink several a day. That being said, I never bring them with me on a cruise vacation. It is just not convenient. It would be too many and too much to lug on board. So, while on a cruise I drink the cruise ship water-- it is very good and very safe. (Kuki and others have explained the process in other threads). You can also get tea, juice, and lemonade 24/7 at no charge on Lido deck. I also drink lots of diet cokes. I always have the room steward make sure that there are plenty of diet cokes in the cabin fridge every day. They provide ice and glasses in the cabin. They only cost $1.75 plus gratuity which isn't so bad. You can also get the bottled cokes with the lid. I like to get those if I am just walking around doing several activities. If I don't drink it all, I just put in the fridge. They cost a little more than the can...maybe like $2.25 plus gratuity. If I want a mixed drink while relaxing in the cabin or on the balcony, I'll just go to the bar and bring it back to the room. They also have the small mixer bottles in the fridge which is another option. I just prefer to have the bartender make it for me. It is just so much easier. Another option, is you can buy the soda card for the week. I just prefer the can and bottled cokes over the fountain cokes. You can also buy soft drinks, etc. in port. Several days on the cruise, you will probably be in port anyway, and you will be ordering drinks and sodas at the beach or wherever. You are on vacation, so make it easy on will be a lot more fun that way. When we get back home, we can but the 12 packs that are on sale!

Dont know what fountain soda you are referring to. On the Legend everything was in a can including coke products and tonic and soda for mixers. I had read all Carnival ships were like this. To OP we checked on 1 case of diet pepsi and 1 case of bottled water for 4 in a cabin. Stayed on night pre-cruise in Tampa so picked it up there. Rearranged bags a little and fit soda in a suit case and water in a plane carry-on that I checked on ship. Was worth the extra couple of dollars for porter so I didn't have to lug it on. We had several of each left at end of cruise and left them in room. Don't stress you'll be onboard soon. Happy sailing!!
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