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Default Re: Husband wants to make a major lifestyle change, YIKES!!

Originally Posted by louise71594
No, its not what you think

We are big time city dwellers, born and raised. In the the past year, my husband has talked about possibly making a lifestyle change when we retire by purchasing an RV and hitting the road, and possibly buying a home in or near Myrtle beach as our homebase. This would be a major change for both us, and I suggested to him that we need to "get our feet wet" first and then decide if this would be for us. I do want to leave the city life and live out my retirement years in a more relaxed atmosphere, but in an RV, I am not so sure about that Relocating to South Carolina sounds ideal, and especially if we can live near Myrtle Beach, that would be great, because we both really like it there!

We are going to our 1st RV show next month, so thats a start, and I am looking into renting a cabin or mobile home next summer on a campground to see what thats all about.

Has anyone here made a lifestyle change before or after retiring???

I have also read many articles about people who have given up their corporate jobs and left the country to start a new life, and doing very well.

Who knows, it may just work for us!!, but time will tell!
This was my brother's plan. They rented one for a vacation and hated it.

That ended that plan.


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