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Originally Posted by nurseypoo5
Originally Posted by Solo1959
Originally Posted by taylorkia
dont think they have pineapple or cranberry for free orange definite,you can purchase cranberry at any bar.
Do you know if these drinks are "free" if I bought the pre-paid soft drink card?
ohhh good question! who knows the answer to this one, might be worth the card now, no packing of sodas, and free mixers
OK, the definative answer (I think). I am 100% sure that this is probably correct information:

Per the Capers from the 5/11/07 Carnival Miracle Cruise, on the page headed "Food & Drink Showcase":
"Funship Fountain Card - Unlimited soft drink and juices for one low price. Adult soda card = $5.50 per day +15% gratuity. Kids soda card = $4.00 per day +15% gratuity."

OK, so, they DO call it a "SODA" card, but they also say it includes unlimited juice. So, I am convinced that it absolutely positively likely includes juices.
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