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I am not too clear exactly what wanted to know, as to what juices are at the bars or on all around the ship, but I shall try to answer.

At the bars (etc) they have all types of juices needed to prepare drinks
which includes Cranberry.

The free juices and drinks are as follows:

At buffet areas and buffet resturants : Lemonade, apple juice, tea
and coffee (reg & decaf)
are offered.

At breakfast and lunch Dinning Rooms ( such the Washington Dinning
Room on the Valor) They offer: Tomatoe Juice, Orange Juice, Apple
juice and Grapefruit juice and expresso coffee. Along with
items offered at the buffet area.

Hope this helps.

From Marty

Carnival Valor 8-19-2007
Carnival Valor 9-28-2007
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