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Default Re: last minute refund for itinerary change

Originally Posted by mudley
has anyone cancelled for a full refund after learning of an itinerary change withing 24 hours? here's what ccl says:

Port Cancellation Policy

If Carnival Cruise Lines ("Carnival") has adequate notice prior to sailing that a vessel will deviate from the published itinerary, it will promptly upon making the itinerary change notify passengers of the change through their travel agents or directly, in the case of a direct booking ("the Notice"). The Notice shall offer passengers an opportunity to cancel their booking without penalty within 24 hours of the delivery of the Notice. Carnival shall not be liable to guests for any charges, fees or expenses paid or owed to third parties (such as air travel booked by a guest directly with an airline) in connection with a cancelled booking or substituted port. In the event a passenger does not cancel his or her cruise on a timely basis, no additional compensation for the itinerary change will be offered to the passenger at a later time.
The last sentence of the paragraph is interesting - "no ... compensation ... will be offered ..." - it does not preclude Carnival from paying off the complainers when itinerary changes occur.

I remember the last smokefree cruise of the Paradise in August 2004 - our itinerary was changed because of Hurricane Frances. Granted, the Eastern Caribbean route was generally about $100 more expensive, but it amazes me to this day the number of people who were complaining that we were not going to St. Thomas USVI, despite the fact that Frances hit the USVI the same day we were supposed to be docked.

Me - I was just thankful that the company took my safety seriously enough that they chose to divert the cruise to a Western itinerary.
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