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Default Re: Any suggestions for Antigua and St. Kitts?

Originally Posted by kennygeorge
We will be in Antiqua and st. Kitts the end of October. there are 12 of us in our group sailing on the Crown Princess. Any suggestions as to fun, inexpensive things to do on these islands. Heard about the "drunk Monkeys" on St. kitt's. What beaches are these at, does anyone know? There was an Animal Planet story on them that was pretty entertaining.
Well, I hope your group of 12 enjoy yourselves at the expense of helpless animals being fed beer, etc. to get your jollies! IMO, I think it is cruel to get animals drunk. Come on, you can find better entertainment than that! Eating fermented fruit (which is how they developed this taste) vs. purposely being fed alcohol for the entertainment of humans is really disgusting. I WILL NOT be condoning this disgusting human behavior toward animals by visiting this island. They should be providing these animals protection, not condoning this behavior from humans! SHAME ON YOU!!!!
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