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Default Re: packing...omg, why didnt you tell me and ? about packing

Originally Posted by nurseypoo5
this is a nightmare. How the heck did anyone ever do this with a carry on, as some have said. I'm wondering if i dont need 3 huge ones and a carry on or 2.

Ok, ? about drinks. How much exactly can we get away with, like a case of soda and case of water for 2? do you put it in the extra suitcase? what about can juice? could i put 2 cans and get away with that too.

ok, its 2am and ive got CRAP all over my room...and im trying on clothes like im not sure what fits lol.

pray for me.
I carried on a 24 pack of soda in a softsided cooler. They check every can to make sure it wasn't beer and sent me on my way. The steward filled it with ice for me daily.

Best thing I brought, but we are big soda drinkers.


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