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Surpising enough - Most of the Environmental officers I've know have burnt out within 3 years or so. I've been with my cruise line 5 years, and when I look at the list of who's doing that gig now, not many heve survived. Does carry a bit more corporate responsiblity (i.e. monitoring waste streams in very sensitive areas like reefs and Alaska that carry SIGNIFCANT fines if breeched). Yeah, and catching all the cigarette lighters that get thrown away and are missed in the separation processes and cause a major fire in the incinerater may be mundane . . . . still is a very important job onboard.

In the past few years, I've seen high turnover in IT also - major stress gig, too. Seeing more people coming from India and eastern European countries, where the E/O job is mostly US, Canada, Scandinavia

again - go with your passion. You might get to see more of the ports if you go with I/T though . . .
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