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Default Roatan's "Felix the Cat" Coming In With Claws Shar

"Felix the Cat" as nicked named him is now a serious category 4 hurricane and is expected to swoop under Roatan and The Bay Islands with its claws out! We are expecting torrential rains and strong winds. Whatever we get it is expected by Tuesday. I wonder what Felix will pull out of his "bag of trick" to get us through this one!

Today was a very busy day as The Governor, Arlie Thompson and The Mayor, Dale Jackson, called for additional evacuations from the Island and posted Emergency Shelters for the remaining people. Today Taca flew two additional jumbo jets to the Island and tonight Atlantica will provide a 727 for those that want to leave. The Air Force is also sending a C130 to Roatan. (Click here for Emergency Shelters in your area.)

On the lighter side let me share what today was like. Wow, what a day! Hats off or Props to everyone who helped serve the tons of people who needed plywood and supplies for their home today. They sacrificed their time to prepare their own families for the storm to serve others! A special thanks to Deborah at Serrano's who made sure that wood and zinc sheets were distributed in fare shares today. Hats off to Hyber Supplies employees who helped people all morning and still had smiles on their faces this afternoon!

I was one of the hundred's of people who got to stand in line for a couple of hours this morning for lumber and then move to the car and wait another 3 hours for gasoline. I think I used more gas waiting than I would have needed for the whole week! Bo Jangles is "boarded up" but still serving fired chicken or pollo frita if you live here. The grocery stores are boarded but still open although there is not much left in them...oh, I'm sorry, of course there are cornflakes - just no milk! Many crossed the "ouch to boing" financial side of island living today by buying their first generator...needless to say we know that because we were one of them. You can't report the news without electricity! And of course, the number one day that we all needed electricity to prepare food ahead of time, Reco was down all day!

Ok, on the serious side, people are being moved to secure housing throughout the Island via Emergency Shelters and nice neighbors sharing their homes. One thing you can definitely say about this Island is that everyone helps the other one in times of need.

Many people did leave for the mainland today but that may not have been a good idea after all. Felix (that tricky cat) has moved farther south and west. It is going to make a direct hit on the coast of Honduras. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the residents there. For Roatan, we will get a more southern approach from Felix with less intensity wind wise but still clawing his way north.

Is this "Felix the Cat" at work tricking us again? We will have to see what his bag of tricks bring us tomorrow. For now...goodnight!

Lynne and Bob Millspas at
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