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Default Re: Seasickness patches?

Originally Posted by animldoc
Where do you get the seasickness patches at? Walmart? Rite-Aid, Walgreens, etc? Or prescription?
The patch by prescription only. I hated those patches they made my sleep, sick to my stomach and blurred by vision. My BF on the other hand has no problem. Our best guess is because the patch only comes in one strenght and my tiny little body couldn't handle it but his 6' tall one could

You can get Meclizine, which is the generic over the counter, for about $10 (100 pills). You have to ask for these at the drug counter even though you don't need a prescription for them. These will not have the same side effects as the patches but work just as well. Also ginger pills are great and can be taken at the same time. Hope that helps, Carla
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