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Default Dance Host

Thanks Samantha, you are correct. I know about the Dance or Gentlemen Host opportunities. I have actually been offered numerous cruises but haven't taken them up on it, as yet. With retirement I will take advantage, especially to the more expensive cruise regions or even on a world cruise.
There are advantages to being a host, the big one is the cost of the cruise it is almost free. But there are some minor disadvantages such as losing a little of one's freedom; although I love to dance, there are times when I like to just do other things. Also, a host cannot play favorites, which makes sense. In other works don't even think about any kind of a relationship with anyone you may meet. Finally, the host can't go near the casino and I really enjoy playing BJ (bit of a card counter). So a lot for a healthy, relatively "young-senior" to give up.
You and Divemaster are so excited when you talk about diving. Certainly something I always wanted to try, but growing up in Newfoundland, Canada the North Atlantic was much too cold to swim, so I am not a strong swimmer. My brother was a scuba diver for the Navy and he spends a lot of time down south diving.

Quote: There are few shortcuts to Happiness, dancing is one.

(and scuba diving, ha)
58 yo single widower. Love to cruise and meet new people.
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