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Originally Posted by jimboyboyer
Originally Posted by brettsmom
We are taking my sister with us on a cruise on October on the Victory. My ultimate goal is to hook her up with a good looking rich guy thats single of course! I know Carnival is the "family friendly" cruise line but I hope there are some single and available men on board. Of course she doesn't know about this yet. I know there are usually groups of college kids but she is 35. Have any of you ever met the "love of your life" on a cruise ship or does it just happen in the movies????
Don't get your hopes up, her odds are better on e-haromony than on a cruise ship, the "hook up" thing is possible but meeting the love of your life, highly doubtful, possible but not likely.
Agreed Considering I met my Girlfriend (soon to be my Fiance' on e-harmony
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