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I agree, looking for love on a cruise ship should not be the goal. I'm 48 and going solo in June, and expect to have lots of fun talking, laughing, dancing and perhaps a little kissing/touching if there is a LOT of chemistry... but I wouldn't go beyond that. If something sparks, then you keep in touch after the cruise and have a long-distance romance or someone moves near the other, if possible, if you both become serious.

I usually get 26-28 year olds asking me to dance when I go out... they all think I'm around 30. Funny, as the 40-50 something guys seem to be looking for the 28 year old women. I think I've given up on finding a man around my age who looks younger, like I do. Most men around my age look 65-70 or are out for the 28 year olds. Demi Moore has the right idea!
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