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I would definately recommend getting travel insurance and the insure my trip website does have some good coverages where you can compare to your needs. Travel Guard is also very good and you can find them on-line as well.

I used the prescription patches on my first few cruise and they worked well for me with no real side effects as long as I continued to wear them for a few more days after I left the ship. My doctor told me to put the first one on 72 hours before sailing and to change them every 3 days. I did this, but when I did not wear them for the 3 days after the cruise, I had more trouble with dizziness, etc.

I have since switched to Dramamine and I take it about 1 hour before I board the ship. My hubby and I like the non-drowsy kind that we can take every 24 hours. We take 1 every night and if we are in really rough seas, we can take 2 of them. My sister likes the original ones that you take about every 4 hours or 4 times a day, but this is just too much trouble for us.

I do take these as well for a couple of days after leaving the ship. It may just be me, since I have inner ear problems, but I find that I get a little dizzy for a few days after the cruise if I don't continue with the meds.
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