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Originally Posted by With regard to blasts on ship's whistles when leaving a pier, you
actually it is a Manoeuvring and Warning Signal under the International Collision regulations act
More precisely, it's a sequence of two whistle signals required by Rule 34 the International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea, more commonly known among mariners as the "Rules of the Road," established as a treaty among maritime nations.

>> Rule 34(a): Three "short" blasts = "I am operating astern propulsion."

>> Rule 34(e): One prolonged blast = "I am about to emerge from a location where you might not be able to see me."

Rule 34 also prescribes other whistle signals that you might hear as a ship enters or leaves a harbor and when within sight of other ships on the high seas. Note that a ship that is leaving a pier in the forward direction sounds only the prolonged blast.

For those who care, Rule 32 sets the lengths of the blast and the requirements for the whistle itself.

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