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Default Surprising wife with cruise. What to pack 4 her?

Wife and I are going to So. Calif. (from Alaska) in November. She thinks we will be in L.A. and then L.V. for the week. Just happens that the Norwegian Star coincides with our dates, so I decided to surprise her with cruise. I am not planning to tell her about it until we are in L.A. (the night before the cruise leaves). I know I could be in serious do-do here, but I figure the Star is kinda casual anyway so the clothes she takes along for L.A. and L.V. shouldn't be out of place. Anything else I need to take for her surrepticiously in my luggage? Can I really pull this off, or should I tell her about the cruise before we leave from home. (We are both 60). She won'te be reading these boards. Thanks for your help.
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