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Originally Posted by cherylroy
Sounds great!! And thanks for reminding me on if the machine was down for cash!! Do you tip the portors here?
We always tip the porters. But especially here because this is a port that we drive to and I usually look like Cleopatra headed down the Nile with no weight restrictions. One of my huge suitcases can easily weigh 75 pounds.

$1 a bag is sufficient.

Also at this port (I don't know about others) the porters put their ID number on your documents so that Carnival (and you) know exactly who took your bags!! I noticed this change in December which was our first cruise out of there since Katrina. I really like that!!! Their name tags have their ID number on them!!

Number 41 (Dominic) has taken our bags 2 of the 3 times we cruised out of there since December. He is wonderful!!!

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

Hubby ... DIAMOND (every ship except the Carnivale)
Me ... DIAMOND (every ship starting with the Tropicale)
20 year old son ... DIAMOND (every ship starting with the Tropicale...he is the only DOUBLE Milestone under the age of 21)
24 year old son ... DIAMOND
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