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Originally Posted by kitkat07
On the Jeans issue! I talked to Westerdam and they tell me that NO Jeans
are allowed in the formal dining room at any time! Has to be slacks and buttoned collared shirts for men and nice slacks or skirts for ladies.
I just talked to them as we are going in Nov 07 and have several young people with us and they wear jeans.
So dont know what they would do if you show up in jeans in formal dining room.
I sailed on HAL last December and people were wearing jeans on casual night in the dining room. On the daily program it lists the dress code for the evening, and when it was casual night, it said "no tank tops or shorts." Jeans were not mentioned as being prohibited.

I recall reading about this at various cruise-related sites this past year, too. Pretty much everyone agreed that HAL had changed the dress code and is allowing jeans in the dining room.
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