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Originally Posted by WuWei
I already have 1000 count sheets and pillowcases for my house- and a down-top matteress, so sleeping on the "Carnival Comfort Bedding" was not a big deal (as even the sailboat has no less than 600-count sheets!) Sheet snob? YES I am. I swear the crappy sheets on the Inspiration were less than 200 count. Good bedding at home is definitely worth the $...You can go to or even your local Sams Club and buy bedding for a fraction of the cost of the Carnival Comfort bedding. If you scrimp on anything, NEVER scrimp on bedding, as this is the one area you must never scrimp in your life! Sure, the mattress was "okay" along with the duvet and pillows- if you think they were "great", it is time to reassess your bedding....

I, too, am a sheet and bedding snob. I have a feather bed, 800-1000 count sheets and a down comforter. For as rarely as I have to change my bedding, shelling out the extra money is reasonable. I love the CCL comforter, but the sheets and pillows I will purchase elsewhere.

My bed is my little piece of heaven in my home, and I will pay whatever it takes to make it inviting.

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