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I was there.....three blocks away......27 floors up with a picture window view of the towers.

It is a day that is permanently burned into my memory. Six years later it is still like yesterday. I hope it remains that way, becuase to forget is to deny.

I want to remember the horrible sight of people jumping off the tower becuase it was the easier way to die, in particular a man and woman who jumped holding on to each other. I want to remember watching helplessly as the second plane hit. I want to remember the fear, the uncertainty and the rumors. I want to remember the faces of those who I was acquainted with from my commute who never came home that day. I want to remember the relief and tears when I finally got home to Marj.

Yes, to remember is painful. But to forget is to be lulled into a sense of complacency, which will lead to worse in the future.

God bless America and the families of those who never got home that night.

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