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Originally Posted by mehawk
My gosh, Doug, how terrible that must have been to see. I watched it happening on television as the first one was hit then the second one live.

Unfortunately, my good friend, too many... I repeat... TOO MANY people have forgotten or deny that this happened to our great country. They should be considered enemies in my book as well. How DARE they forget or deny this. Our country is killing itself with its being too "nice" to others who are our enemies. We need and must have leadership who WILL stand up against those who cross us, whether overseas or in our own backyards, whether foreigners, or American citizens who want to bury their heads in the dirt, those who will make decisions that will protect us and not give a rat's nest about what others say. A lot of our own citizens and political leaders need a swift kick to remind them that we are the injured ones here and we need to stand up for ourselves and kick back.



You are absolutely right. As I watched the news coverage this morning and watched President Bush make his statement that morning about going after these terrorists, and I watched those poor people running for their lives in the streets of New York on 9/11/01, I wondered just how many of them, and just how many of the people who lost loved ones on that day are now "Bush Bashers" and saying "bring home the troops, we never should have sent them?" What if our President had just said how sorry he was for this loss of life, but that he really could not in good conscience send our troops to fight for our country? Where would we be today? Yes, we have lost a lot of young men to this war, but those men are where they want to be, fighting for our freedom. These are not drafted men (as many were in Viet Nam) they are volunteers who are trained for this honored duty to their country. If our President cannot utilize our military forces to defend our country, then why do we need a military force at all. Let's just lay down and become the weakest instead of the greatest nation in the world and let them kill us and our children and grandchildren.
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