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Good post. I may not agree 100 pct but then again, I don't agree with anybody or anything 100 pct of the time.

As far as Iraq, I simply feel that no matter how rough it has been and no matter what our original reaons for going in were, the world will be better off with some type of free society in that region in years to come. I'm not really sure what Bush and the rest of the free world were supposed to do..Saddam defied the UN over and over again. He slaughtered thousands through gassing and torture. I've got this strange feeling that the WMD's probably did exist but went "bye bye" to Syria or someplace else (the nerve gas that he used to gas thousands IS a WMD by the way even though the media seems to gloss over that little factoid). Alot of us talk about short term memories, especially today, so it somtimes surpries me that most forget about the hit team that Saddam sent over to take care of George Bush SR....Pretty sure that was an act of war itself. What were we to do?...Let Saddam stand and in the fairly near future, when he passed, let one of his homicidal, lunatic sons take over?

As gruesome as they are, everyone should watch one of the beheadings on the internet....That is why we fight. Watch those videos, which are from Iraq, and tell me that there isn't a threat there and that there isn't an element there that needs to be eliminated.

Luanne, regards to your hubby especially for all he has done. I hate to say it and I know it sounds "gloom and doom" but I think what we have been through with 9/11, Iraq and this whole mess is fairly mild compared to what we will be facing in the future.

Six years ago today, it was all flag waiving and "go get em" . I think part of the problem is that this doesn't feel like a war to most people...In reality, with the exception of Luanne and the other military folks, how many of us have had to really sacrifice over this cause ? Besides more inconvenience at the airport on our way to a week of stuffing our faces on a cruise ship, what has the average American really had to give up as we have in past wars? Most people showed how patriotic they were six years ago by sticking a flag decal on their back windshield and that has been about the extent of it for most. It was "trendy" to be patriotic back then and there is one reason people did it...They were scared to death cause the boogy man came on 9/11. We've been extremely fortunate not to have been hit like that again so the fear and the patriotism wore off in unison with each other.
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