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If any of us know people that were alive for the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941, I wonder what their recollections are of that day and how it impacted their lives ..I have very good friends in the Bay Area whose parents were in Oakland at the time (who were Americans but were born in Japan), who were forced to relocate to "camps" in Idaho and lost everything (actually taken away from them by the US government) and the irony was one of their sons was on active duty in the army at the time ..I have friends in New Orleans but are of Middle Eastern descent, and their lives and business were threaten right after 911 for no other reason then their last name and religion..just because of their last name and the fact that they travel to see their family puts them on the TSA "watch list"

my answer to the original post is that today always makes me think about the above two examples and how it has changed me is that I don't pre judge a person because of their religion or the spelling of their last name...but I have a son who has been to Iraq for 2 short tours and is subject to go again on short notice and I worry about him and about our mission...Vietnam is still very fresh in my mind and how when the political will of our country changed, we got out
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