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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo
I won't be calling you a fool, because much of what you said, makes a lot of sense.

What I will call you is uninformed about the mission in Iraq. We knew there were no Iraqis in the planes. But what we already knew was that Saddam was a huge threat to the region, and was slowly taking out his own people, or at least those who did not do as he said, and he had plans to take the rest of the area as well.

We also knew that we were not going to find a sign that said "Welcome to the home of all terrorist," so we had to get into position, so that we could have a permanent staging area.

My husband has not fought an Iraqi since the gulf war. What he has been up against are the terrorists who have come out of the wood work, and in many cases over the borders to fight.

Those that we put into power in our government are very smart, and for the most part have all of us in mind, when they go about their business, but unfortunately, some would rather make the other side look bad, when things are going as planned, rather than stand behind them in their efforts.

What you have to ask yourself is Do I want the soldiers to fight them here in the states, or continue to do so over there?

I like your quote about squandering good will. I was always taught that those were fair weather friends, and for the most part, you could do without them, because when the going got rough, they would not be there to help.

I would rather have a few trust worthy countries standing with us, than a bunch, that we have to constantly watch to see if they are going for the next good thing.

Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act in either 98 or 99 but didnt bother to follow thru.. While i am not a huge fan GWB, he followed the law
18 Resolutions... how many lines in the sand do we draw?

If not there, than here..

I agree with you Luanne..unfortunately the majority of the country has ADD and wants instant gratification...
I didnt mean for this thread to become political.. I wanted it more to be a remembrance...
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