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Yes hello it's me again... It was worth it, but then again it was March after a hard cold winter in the midwest. I got a trip to NYC, a cruise to somewhere warm and 3rd and 4th passengers were free. Hell yes it was worth it! We had a great time...stopped in Port Canaveral and booked someexcursionto some resort where they had lots of stuff to make the kiddos happy. Then on to Miami the kids stayed on the ship because the Spirit had a great Kid's Club and Hubby was kind of ....whining about a tummy ache or something, so I took off to the Bayside Marketplace by myself and bought lots of "stuff" Then on to Great Stirrup Cay which we all really enjoyed, then on to Nassau. I am sure you could have found a better itinerary but shoot the whole silly cruise cost us around $1,200 and I booked very good rates on airline tickets plus I love NYC. I felt particularly emotional when we left the port and sailed past the Statue of Liberty with my sweet little 3 year old pointing at her and yelling look Mama it's Liberty!!!! We had some very nice meals on the Spirit and I loved that we ate in a different restaurant every night. their Kid's facilities on this ship were some of the best I've seen. We did have the good fortune to sail with Gnat the Brat again on the Sun (one of the kid's counselors) who the kids dearly loved on both cruises. Truly for what we paid on this cruise it was a steal, plus I really loved the ship, she is so unique.
It was good for us, but of course part of the charm was the ship, the restaurants, the price... dont' know how I'd feel if any of those variables changed.

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