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I'm all for whatever makes people happy & comfy. I guess most of us use some of these things but I just think it can be condensed down a bit using some imagination. For example, my digital watch is good enough to be my clock for a few days. For the alarm, it's the digital watch or a wake up call if I really even want an alarm. For clothes bag, I just use the laundry bag in the room and put it under the bed so the cabin steward doesn't think I want them washed (I'm sure he'll give me all the bags I need). They give you a pen and paper and will supply more, I"m sure. If I flip open my cell phone, that's my night light or I can flip on the TV for a couple minutes. I just don't find myself with that much stuff plugged in at one time for a surge protector, but I respect those that do (maybe I need more toys). I guess ya got me on the bungee cord & duct tape lol. Some of this stuff just sounded more like a planned kidnapping than a cruise!

Again, to each their own. Have fun!
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