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Originally Posted by HIPPIE KILLER
8) hey chris,and all others,me and my wife are getting ready to purchase a new king size bed,are old one is a quenn,we are leaning towards carnival,what bed do you reccomend?Ididnt know the sheets make such a big diferance,I bought a set the other day 300 count,but after hearing you guys??i might upgrade,thanks greg
Greg! Upgrade that bedding right away! Actually, I have a Simmons Beautyrest with the down-pillow top. It's a firmer support (I like a firm bed), but the pillow top is soft enough for the hubby (he would prefer his bed to be made of soft marshmallows!) After his last trip to Germany, he insisted WE needed to go out and buy the $10,000 matress his hotel had. I told him that was too excessive.... My best advice to try out what would best fit you guys, mattress-wise. I believe in going to a furniture store and laying on them. Some people swear by the Memory Foam ones, and some even LOVE their Craftmatic adjustable beds (they are in their early 30s, too...) Always go with a quality brand (they're better and last longer) and look for them on sale! Best of luck in your bedroom upgrades- nothing is better than getting into your own bed and finding a little piece of heaven! (Unless there was Chocolate Melting cake on the nightstand...)

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