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Originally Posted by subtropic
Once again I will have to weigh in on this one. I have found huge differences in cruise prices at different times. Two out of the last three cruises I was on (all on RCL) I played the dangerous game of "cruise rate chicken". Sometimes (as on the last-Freedom OTS) the price hit a steep increase two weeks before the sailing date. Why? No one knows. The last day possible I checked again and the rate dropped more than 50% and I jumped on it. The next day it was back up. To do this you have to be very very flexible. Again this is not for people who want a bit of order in their lives. Especially in the winter months (and July-Aug) you have to set up your airline flights early on and go from there. We got flights to Ft. Lauderdale which gave us Miami and Ft. L to choose from (Port Canaveral also if need be).
I didn't realize that a cruise from Port Canaveral would be an option if flying into Ft. Lauderdale. Would you rent a car in FLL and drive to PC?

How long of a drive is it?

Secondly, would you park the car and pay for the car rental the entire length of the cruise? I realize that the price of the plane tickets would weigh in on how much sense it would make to do this, but I hadn't thought of this as an option. Flight schedules and fares our my major barrier to cruising, as I'm sure they are for many, and I didn't think of this as another angle when planning. Neither did my TA.
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