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Default Re: CHAIR HOGS!

LISA WOW THATS AWESOME!!! Man This will be my first cruise in October and I almost am tempted to do that!!! If I get down to the chairs, and see a sea of white towels but no bodies, and theres no room for me and my man, I am going to eye up a couple of chairs, and wait about 35 minutes or so, and if no one returns I will place their belongings besides the chair and sit in it. The chairs are not RESERVED for specific people...I think its so horribly rude for people to claim a chair and leave for an hour or longer, and expect with 3,000 some odd people on board to sit on the ground or stand while waiting for them to return. Not going to happen with me. Sure would be a good idea if Carnival posted something in the rooms regarding this matter, just a reminder I dunno, like " OUR CHAIRS ARE FOR OUR GUESTS, NOT THEIR TOWELS..DO NOT CHAIR HOG"...
Ahhh this is going to be great!

March 06' cruising again!!!!
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