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Yes, identification. On my last cruise which was also my first cruise we were driving from Maryland to FL. A 16 hour drive. About halfway there I realized my DL was not in my wallet. I was freaking out but trying not to let my DH (dashing husband) see what was going on. Thank Goodness I found it. I had gone to the bank that morning and it was with the cash that I withdrew in one of those paper envelopes they give you. I truly thought that I was going to go into cardiac arrest on I95.

Just wondering if you ever did leave your ID behind. Is there ANYTHING they can do to let you on. Call somebody or something. That freaks me out because I have a lot of crazy stuff going on when we are getting ready to leave and can so see me doing something like that.

Oh but back to the original post. I also have had a very stinky hallway on the Elation. this time I am bringing a small candle warmer.

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