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Default Re: Sensation stabilizers

The ships will not sail in the open water without the stabilizers. Many people 'say' that the stabilizers were not out or they heard that they were broken etc but all it is is rough water. Rumors travel faster on a ship than anywhere else. Once in Costa Rica we tried to tied up and dock but the seas were pretty high with those long swells and that caused the lines to even break, one of the gangways buckled etc while they were trying. This went on for maybe a hour before the Captain wisely decieded that the swells preculded safely tying up the ship and departed the port. I was on the upper deck and watched the entire process, In that hour I heard everything from the government had been overthrown, the locals were coming to kill anyone that got off, the Captian was being held hostage, CCL refused to pay the bribe, some crew mutined and jumped ship, etc, etc. Tis was just a few of the statement I heard in my little area. When I stated what I knew was the reason by what I observed I was almost attacked for such stipud statements and accused of being a plant for CCL and/or part of the crew! Strange to say the least.

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