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kd, a few points of clarification: The original reference to the drunk monkeys was on the island of St. Kitts, not Antigua. I wasn't disturbed by someone asking a question, merely what the question about the monkeys represented to me....cruel treatment of animals as entertainment. I was not, and would not, suggest a boycott of any kind, anywhere. I was merely conveying the fact I wouldn't care to visit St. Kitts, if this is occurring.

My apologies to anyone who found my posting unappealing. Having seen a youtube video that showed people purposely allowing the monkeys to take their drinks and some very drunk monkeys, I guess it just "got my goat" that the OP appeared to be specifically searching out the drunk monkeys as a form of entertainment.

If the OP informs me my interpretation of their inquiry about the monkeys was incorrect, I do owe them an apology.

I will take a more diplomatic approach in future postings.

I sent an email on September 3rd, to an animal welfare group on the island to see if they have any information about the drunk monkeys. No response thus far.

I hope this post smooths the waters.
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