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Originally Posted by RobRen
Originally Posted by brettsmom
Just wondering if you ever did leave your ID behind. Is there ANYTHING they can do to let you on. Call somebody or something. That freaks me out because I have a lot of crazy stuff going on when we are getting ready to leave and can so see me doing something like that.
I'm so paranoid about leaving the passports, driver's licenses, credit cards and cruise documents behind that I check to make sure I have them right before I walk out the door and then again once I'm in the shuttle van to the airport. I keep the passports & cruise documents on me. I make my DH & DS check twice for their license/school ID. Then I check again while at the airport...just in case and maybe once on the plane. We also do a luggage count before we leave, after we get off the shuttle van to the airport and again at the airport luggage claim. Don't want to leave anything behind for the cruise.

I have horrible nightmares about this each and every time we cruise.
That's what I'm talking about

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