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[quote="blueliner"]Cruise pricing isn't an exact science, and you're always taking a risk by waiting for a possible price drop. The cruise lines put the best prices out when the cruise 1st goes on sale. Then, they will adjust the prices as it gets closer to the sail date based on what inventory is left and how well it is selling. The cruise lines like to have at least half of their cabin inventory sold about 10 - 12 months prior to the sail date. They do this to give those that booked early the best price and reward them for their early booking. As the sail date gets closer, they may drop the prices of certain catagories if those catagory cabins are not selling at the rate they need to be. The cruise lines like their ships to sail full, an empty cabin makes them no money.

How far in advance can you book a cruise? I booked on the other day for December of 08. Do you think the original prices had gone up by then? I must say that I am a bit peeved at RCCL, as we tried to book onboard the Rhapsody, but it was next to impossible. I did not want to ruin the vacation I was on by waiting in long lines to book a new one. I wrote them when I returned to see if I could get the OBC if I booked then, with them. It was a NO, so I booked with an online company for $125 OBC and free dinner at portofinos. I lost $100 OBC from the cruise line , but I don't know what the prices were onboard. Could they have possiby been higher? Just wondering..................
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