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Originally Posted by Angie McDonald
My Hubby and I are planning a cruise. How long in advance should we plan? We are planning for a 4 day cruise. How much should I budget? We do not have passports yet. I know we need them and are going to get them soon. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Also my husband is semi claustrophobic - How big are rooms on Carnival.

Ang M
Hi Angie,

It may take 3-4 months (or more) to get your passports, so plan with that in mind. Also, you can get better rates if you either book last minute specials (when they want to fill up the ship a few weeks before sail date) oro, alternatively, when yo book about a year out. You will paty $150-$250 each person as a deposit when you book and the balance will be due usually 6-0 days before sail date. So all these figture into your travle plans. Also, making sure you can get a flight out the day before your cruise (recommended!) and a flight home the day the cruise ends.

Go to and click on the FAQ link at the bottom of their website. It provides a lot of information you'll need to know. You will want to aim for an ocean view room, so your hubby doesn't get claustrophopic. Remember, you'll mostly be in the room to sleep and shower, the rest of the time you'll be out on deck or about the ship, and it's pretty huge and spacious!

The 4-day on Sensation on July 29th cost:

$1339.46 (440/person for the cabin + 145.53/person port charges , 93.46/taxes & fees + 69 lns me + $29 lns for lan + $35/person for one way transfer to the airport - we rented a car when the cruise ended.
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