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Default Re: Sensation stabilizers

I was on the Sensation January 24-29 and we had the pretty normal gentle rocking for the majority of the cruise. However, our last day at sea before returning to New Orleans was pretty rough. There were cookie tossing bags taped to walls everywhere on the ship, and lots of people were getting sick and using them. There were very few people at dinner that night, because so many folks were sea sick and they had returned to their cabins. I could not believe how quiet the ship was that evening. I had to laugh as d/h and I walked down the hallways, it looked as though we had too much to drink, there was no way we could have walked in a straight line. Fortunately, my family did not succumb to motion sickness, but I really felt bad for the folks who did. Honestly if someone asked me to go on the same cruise again tomorrow, I'd do it. We had a ball, and hey it was an adventure. If you fear that you might get seasick, then be proactive, get the patch from your doctor before you leave (there was a note on the infirmary door stating that the ships doctor will no longer prescribe the patch to passengers due to side effects) or get a sea band bracelet and Bonine (this you can get from the pursers desk free as long as supplies last, I'd bring my own, just in case you hit a rough spot and they run out) and go have a great time. I have to commend the ships staff on doing such a good job keeping on top of cleaning up after all of the sick passengers. There were people cleaning up bathrooms constantly during the onslaught and there were used "bags" that were propped up in corners and odd places and the staff immediately went and disposed of them. I also heard them call a code Sierra on one of the decks, which meant that someone tossed their cookies and it needed to cleaned off the deck which they did quickly and almost invisibly. Once we entered the Mississippi it was smooth sailing. Hope that helps so you can plan your trip hopefully without getting sea sick.
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