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Thanks. The website my travel agent gave me had the most outrageous quotes. Like $900-$1000! Crazy! But the recommendation you gave me is much more reasonable, only $92 so I will probably go with that. Hopefully even though my son has a pre-existing condition, if he were to catch the flu or need stiches, god forbid, they would still cover that since it is in no way related to his issue. Hopefully anyway.

See, his issue doesn't involve any of his organs, blood, seizures. Nothing like that. So in some ways, medically he is perfect. It's more the fact that his airway is small, so he has a trach to help him breath. So when he gets sick, it's not related because his body and it's functions are all perfect. Hopefully insurance would see it like that if the situation arose. Either way I think it would still be best to get the insurance to be safe.

I cannot wait to go. I'm tired and overworked and need this vacation badly! !
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