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I loved your review Thank You. We are sailing on The Glory in April 2008. I didn't agree with the taking the taxi when the Radisson does take you early to the port. We came back May 2007 from the Sensation. We stayed the night at the Radisson had a poolside room for 109.00 and had asked if we could do a 10:00 am shuttle to the Port to board the ship early. We were not the only ones either going they were taking the Disney cruisers also at that time. When we go on in this April I am asking again for the early shuttle as I love all the early time we do on the ship. I had a question for you though do the suites on the Glory leave in what order? I booked a Cat 11 and am very claustrophic so standing stuck in the hallway is to much for me without having a panic attack. The Sensation was the best to leave the Inspiration down right sucked and I had major panic attacks stuck in a crowded hot hallway with tons of people waiting to get off that ship.

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