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Originally Posted by TX Traveler
The hardest thing I find to research is Visa requirements. Different countries have different rules. Like in St. Petersburg, if we went on ship's tours we did not have to purchase an individual visa. But, one site on Oman said you had to have a visa before you left your home port. Yet, another site said you could apply at the airport when you landed. Any suggestions for comprehensive information?
This is a touchy area, because visa requirements can change at any time. For us to write about them could mislead people if we missed an important update. Plus - the rule vary a great deal by what country of citizenship you are...

Basically, we can only recommend going to the state departmet for the U.S. (especially if you are a US citizen) AND going to the government "state department" or counterpart of whatever country you want to visit and see what THEY say about visa requirements.
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