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Default Re: Sensation stabilizers

Ever wonder how freighters and Naval vessels sail without sinking, as they don't have stabilizers? How did vessels sail for centuries without stabilizers ?
Ships move on the water. That's a fact of life. They float and move up and down, side to side or any other way the water pushes them. There's always rumors aplenty about this or that ship, something wrong here, there, etc. Stabilizers HELP to control the side to side rolling of a ship. They do not ELIMINATE it, nor do they have any bearing on the pitch, or rising and falling of the front and rear of the ship.

When you hear people talking about so and so ship riding rough, it very likely was due to some rough water. Then you hear someone later saying such and such ship rides sooo smooth. Again, was probably due to the fact they were on calm seas.

Last week we were on the Coral Princess and were treated to a rare treat indeed. A tour of the bridge, along with 8 other couples while we were at sea. It was fascinating to see all the sophisticated equipment on the bridge, including a computerized screen from which they could actually monitor the stabilizers as they worked. Per the Captain, currents, the direction the swells hit the ship, the size of the swells, the wind, etc all have a bearing on the movement you may feel at times.

I would think that the '" rumors " about the Sensation are just that--- rumors.
Sail on the Sensation and enjoy.
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