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Default Re: CHAIR HOGS!

I like the idea of switching things around ---- it would be fun to see someone come looking for "their " chair --- and have their shoes or book or suntan lotion and towel be moved 3 rows back. To much sun causes disorientation I guess.....

If I get up and on deck by 10am - I usually don't have a problem getting a chair.
If I don't get up until past noon (yea - sometimes that happens) then chairs are all gone and I am stuck in an obscure spot without a pool in sight.

oh well.....I am bringing an alarm clock this time. so I will be up before 10 and get my chair...don't worry --- I actually SIT in it ---- WHAT A CONCEPT.
Sitting in a chair? gee I thought all those deck chairs were "towel holders"

ps....if you are going to do the post it idea ---- I suggest getting the REALLY really big ones -- in obnoxious HOT pink.

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