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Originally Posted by Only1Cruise
I've now packed the power bar, the clothespins, the flashlight, the alarm clock, the notebook and the extra Visa card.

I still feel like I'm missing something that will end up being important!

Any other suggestions out there? I'm going on a 22 day cruise that leaves next Saturday.
First, ditch the clock. Sleep in late or have the desk give you a wakeup call if you must. Otherwise, why on earth would you care what time it was on a cruise ship?

Second, ditch the power bar. If you bring the power bar your going to want to bring things to plug into it. Things like a laptop PC. Why folks want to do this is beyond me. I go cruising to relax. Not to work, check on stocks or email a friend.

Clothspins, so the shower curtain does not stick to your legs? Come on, let it stick for a scond or two and live a little on the wild side.

Flashlight or nightlight? For a child maybe, but an adult?

Save some room for trinkets and such that you want to bring back with you. Better yet, fill it with things you buy at the duty free store.
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