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Hi - we just went to the Deluxe VIP Isle Passion tour with Carnival last week. It was a 30 min. bus ride there and a 15 min ferry ride to the island. The island was beautiful. Not crowded at all!! This was nice! They do have little shops there and a lady goes around taking your picture which you can buy after (we didn't) but a lot did. The water was crystal clear aqua blue and absolutely beautiful. The had tables under palms, lounge chairs, hammocks, open bar, mexician buffet (not the greatest..but who can beat tampicos)?? The tour guide was EXCELLENT! We had a relaxing day on the beach. Everything was clean - no pushy people in the few stores they had (3 I think). It was a 5 hour tour and you had the option to be dropped off downtown to shop (had amost 2 hrs left). We chose to go back to the ship area as they had a bunch of stores there also. I would definitely do it again. The ONLY thing I didn't like was on the open bar, they had a tip container (as everyplace does), they brought the cook on the ferry back to the other side and he passed around his hat to put a tip in then they wanted you to tip the driver and the tour guide. It seems everywhere we went - they wanted tips. We did tip the tour guide. He was great - name was Alex. Go and enjoy the beach!! I would go back in a heartbeat!!
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