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Rami077 June 27th, 2002 05:44 PM

Open jaw flights
Has anyone had any luck doing their own open jaw flights? Fly to Vancouver and fly home from Anchorage? How did the prices compare to the cruise airfare?

Donna June 27th, 2002 06:14 PM

Re: Open jaw flights
Hi Rami007,
Definitely have your travel agent check into those open jaw flights, they can usually come up with better prices, but also check yourself too, but in most cases you just can't find these kind of flights at a good price on your own, good luck.

Shanon June 27th, 2002 09:19 PM

Re: Open jaw flights
Hi Rami007 - This is "exactly" what we are doing flying into Vancouver and out of Anchorage and YES, it is much cheaper than cruise airfare. At the time we booked our flights 6 months ago our TA said it was going to be about 400.00 more per ticket to include airfare than what we paid doing the tickets seperate from the cruise. Then we found that after we bought our tickets the airfare went down even more than what we had originally paid so we got a credit back to the same airline towards flying again. We jhave been real pleased with our ticket prices. Good luck and Happy Cruising!!

Joy June 28th, 2002 09:01 AM

Re: Re: Open jaw flights
We had a nightmare experience when we asked a local TA for help with this. They told us the airfare from Michigan to Anchorage and home from Vancouver would be over $800 each. I booked it myself for under $400 each. The cruise air add on was $798. I would suggest at least spending a little while on line before you go for the cruise add on. Good Luck. Have a wonderful time.

Sue H June 29th, 2002 12:40 PM

Re: Open jaw flights
Try Northwest, we got our fare from Central New York for under $500.

norm July 4th, 2002 06:50 PM

Re: Open jaw flights

"Has anyone had any luck doing their own open jaw flights? Fly to Vancouver and fly home from Anchorage? How did the prices compare to the cruise airfare?"

I usually do book my own airline tickets, and my upcoming cruise to Alaska was no exception. Nonetheless, there are some important caveats to "open jaw" itineraries.

>> 1. The "open jaw" must be the shortest side of the triangle.

>> 2. In general, stop-overs en route are not allowed.

The distance from Seattle to Anchorage is 1448 air miles, so an "open jaw" itinerary won't work if you live within that air distance of Seattle.

Although I live in Massachusetts, I wanted to plan a stop-over en route to visit friends in Colorado and thus ran into a snag with the second caveat. In doing a little digging, though, I discovered that Delta Air Lines offered a very reasonable "one way" fare for a "redeye" flight from Anchorage and Seattle. Thus, I was able to book a multi-city trip without the open jaw and a separate "one way" ticket to get back to Seattle from Anchorage.

Air service into Vancouver is very limited and fares tend to be significantly higher than for flights to Seattle from the same point of origin, so most cruise lines offer transfers to the pier in Vancouver from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as well as from Vancouver International Airport (and vice versa, of course). The longer transfer is a bit more expensive, but you probably will save enough on air fare by flying into Seattle to come out substantially ahead anyway. Note, however, that the transfer from Seattle to Vancouver does take about four hours so you will need to arrive in Seattle well before noon.

Anyway, if you can't get a legal "open jaw" itinerary with return from Anchorage, book either (1) a round trip to Seattle or (2) an "open jaw" to Vancouver with return from Seattle, in either case ensuring that the return leg is the day after the ship's disembarkation day, then buy a "one way" ticket from Vancouver to Seattle on Delta's redeye.

BTW, you could purchase air fare from Seattle through the cruise line instead of booking the "one way" ticket yourself. I have seen some Alaska cruise brochures indicating that the cruise line offers fairly cheap air fares from Seattle to Anchorage.

Have a wonderful cruise!


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