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ErinC August 15th, 2005 02:25 PM

Alaska w/ Royal Caribbean
Hi Everyone-

My husband and I are taking our first Alaskan cruise Aug 21 - Sept 2. Coming up fast! We have all of our excursions planned, and are looking forward to them. We were sure to book a variety of excursions in a variety of different places, while still allowing ourselves some down time in various ports of call. We have even booked snorkelling in Alaska! Anyone ever tried that? Sounded a bit chilly to me, but hubby loves to snorkel. I don't remember where in Alaska the snorkelling is taking place.

Anyway, does anyone have any general advice for a couple of first-time Alaska cruisers? It's obscenely expensive, but we figured we'd make the most of it before we have children, and every vacation becomes obscenely expensive!

I think we've got a pretty good handle on packing. Weather, it seems, is completely unpredictable, and so we'll pack for everything. Some people say never take jeans, because they're heavy and don't dry, then some people say they lived in their jeans for the entire cruise. Hard to get any kind of concensus, as everyone feels differently about these things. I'm a bit concerned about laundry. We're doing a 12-day cruisetour, starting with five days on land. I hate re-wearing clothes (call me a sissy), but there's no way I can pack enough for twelve days, if I don't even know what the weather will be! On-board laundry is, again, obscenely expensive. Any suggestions, short of washing in the bathroom sink and hanging dry? Not my preferred method of washing clothes, but I will if I must!

Lastly, even though we've got excursions planned, is there any particular excursion or attraction that is an absolute must? What did you enjoy most on your Alaskan cruises? Thanks!

Donna August 15th, 2005 02:54 PM

Re: Alaska w/ Royal Caribbean
Hi ERin,
We really enjoyed the whale watching in Juneau, we went with Capt. Larry and were able to pre-book, but it was really interesting and a nice excursion.

Do you have a Glacier stop, those are the best...we had an absolute beautiful day and could hear and see plenty, what a sight, hope you get a stop like that during your cruise. We also did the White Pass Railroad in Skagway, its rather long, but very informative on the way up, just beautiful country, worth seeing.

Hopefully Karen16 can add to this, she's the local "Alaska" specialists and can give you many more tips, etc....

Katen....where are U?

Karen16 August 16th, 2005 07:58 AM

Re: Alaska w/ Royal Caribbean
Flights are my top must do pick. Anyway, I am a no jeans packer, go with what is best for you.

But you may want to consider doing laundry in Skagway if you have a long port day. I always do and especially easy if you have a rental car, but there is also a shuttle if you don't want to walk, have done that too, many times. :) Located at 2nd and State, down the block and across from the Red Onion. Use the propane dryers on the inside wall, can be done in a little over an hour.

Your snorkling is out of Ketchikan. :) Have a great trip.

showcat August 18th, 2005 02:51 PM

Re: Alaska w/ Royal Caribbean
Karen Im a little bitty thing and I get cold much easier then most people. Jeans are warm but yes they take long to dry, do you have any other suggestions on pants that would be warm but easier to dry? Cords perhaps? I have some hiking type clothes I got at REI but they are very light weight unless I wore long undies?

CeCe August 26th, 2005 05:52 PM

Re: Alaska w/ Royal Caribbean
Went on Radiance first week in August. You'll have a great time doing any of the excursions. Listen to the PA announcements from Captain on heads up in viewing Whales and wildlife from the Ship. A must for us in SKAGWAY was booking independently with in Skagway....horseback riding to Emerald Lake. Actuallly on horseback about 2 hours, but you ride a small bus into CANADA and see almost everything that the White Pass train sees, but MORE. On the way back the driver will make "photo" stops and he gives you wonderful information. You don't have to be experience rider and Joni and Dallas take good care of you.
JUNEAU: we did the whale watching tour and it was terrific. Had time to see the town and grab a drink at the Red Dog Saloon (easy to find and everyone knows where it is)
KETCHIKAN: we booked RCCL tour for the Rainforest Sanctuary. We saw mother bear and cubs, eagles, totem carving demo, fed Reindeer. the walk was only 1/2 mile long and pretty. Have fun.

Jakk August 29th, 2005 12:10 AM

Re: Alaska w/Princess
Any suggestions on Princess Alaska excursions? Have you done the dog mush? Seen the lumberjack show? We're not physically able to hike, or stay on our feet for much more than an hour, any help would be appreciated.
The programs with the bald eagles/owls looked neat, have you seen these?

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