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John D August 24th, 2000 10:07 PM

Shore Excursions
Going on Celebrity in March (Western Caribbean). Plan to do Dunn's River Falls, snorkel with the stingrays in Cayman Islands, and snorkel at Chankanaab Park in Cozumel. What do you do with clothes, cameras, valuables when you go in the water?

Paul Motter August 24th, 2000 10:16 PM

RE: Shore Excursions
You clothes get donated to the needy sting rays who have become so tame from the guides feeding them they have forgotten how to fend for themselves. NO! not really, they stay on the boat that the guides use to ferry you out to the spot in the bay where the sting rays live.

In chaakanaab they should have lockers.

John D August 24th, 2000 10:23 PM

RE: Shore Excursions
Paul, thanks for your help. I'm new at this cruising and can use all the help I can get. For the Dunn's River Falls excursion they suggest wearing a swim suit under your clothes. Do they have lockers or what do you do with your clothes when you climb the falls?

Anne Campbell August 24th, 2000 10:41 PM

RE: Shore Excursions
Most people take along only a small amount of money, their cabin key, sun glasses and block. I ask a fellow-passenger who is sitting nearby to watch my stuff while I'm in the water and nothing has ever been taken. On the Sting Ray excursion, everyone is in the water at once and leaves their carry along items on the boat.

Paul Motter August 25th, 2000 08:05 AM

RE: Shore Excursions
Sorry - I don't know.

John D wrote:
> Paul, thanks for your help. I'm new at this cruising and can
> use all the help I can get. For the Dunn's River Falls
> excursion they suggest wearing a swim suit under your clothes.
> Do they have lockers or what do you do with your clothes when
> you climb the falls?

Donna August 25th, 2000 10:19 AM

RE: Shore Excursions
Hi John,
When we went to the falls we went with a tour through the ship. Yes, we had bathing suit on under clothes. Once we arrived at the falls, we left all our stuff in the bus, which they locked up and did the falls in our suits. Be sure to have some water shoes and bring a camera. The guide will hold your camera for you and take your pic if you want. As for the shoes, if you have some old tennis shoes, they will do just fine too. If you can, slip a few bucks in your pocket, those guide will be expecting a small tip at the end :-) Enjoy the falls, they were fun and watch out the rocks can be slippery and the water is cold!


Karen Nelson August 25th, 2000 05:24 PM

RE: Shore Excursions
Those are the same excursions my husband and our two girls took last year on our cruise. At Dunn River Falls they have lockers inside the grounds that you can use and the advice about cameras and foot wear is sound. This is a great trip and so much fun, our kids wanted to go down and climb back up again right away. The only down part is the hawkers as you exit the falls, they can be pretty persistent, I just look straight ahead and walk fast.
Swimming with the String Rays was the second highlight of that cruise, we left our belongings on the boat with no problem. One bit of advice, we booked the morning trip and were the first boat to the area and had the rays to ourselves for 20 minutes before the other boats got there, we were happy we opted for that.
The snorkeling in Cozumel is great, we again left our belongings on the shore with the tour operators, they put it all together and covered it with a tarp to keep it dry. We were not too concerned but we had only a small amount of cash, our room key and IDs and towels. Next time though we would bring our water shoes for the snorkeling because the beach is very rocky. They would not get much business if they were known for ripping off the cruise passengers.
Have a great time we enjoyed all these tours.

Mary August 25th, 2000 10:29 PM

RE: Shore Excursions
When we were in Cozumel a few years ago at Chankanub they had lockers available for like a $1 fee. I remember we put our video camera in it while we snorkled. This was a long time ago tho, in 1995. We had a great time there and plan on going back on our next cruise.

Donna August 26th, 2000 08:21 PM

RE: Shore Excursions
You leave all your stuff in the locked bus, not problem there, whey will be safe.
Enjoy the climb!


les August 30th, 2000 02:29 PM

RE: Shore Excursions
Make sure your shoes fit tightly, too. When I did the Falls, one of my shoes got, literally, sucked off my foot! I stood there for a moment trying to find it, but it was one of those clear "jelly" things (which actually fit pretty snuggly, but I guess not quite enuff!) and I couldn't see it in the water. The guide came over to see what had happened, I told him and he reached down and pulled it out first try -- I guess it happens pretty often, LOL! Anyway, I would recommend sneakers or Tevas or something similar...

Nancy September 1st, 2000 07:13 PM

RE: Shore Excursions
when we climbed the falls we wore aqua socks.also we stuffed cameras etc. into a big plastic bag we used like a backpack. took turns holding it as we climbed. GREAT FUN.

Dawn Stefano September 3rd, 2000 01:23 PM

RE: Shore Excursions
Chankanaab has lockers for a nominal fee.

I've never had a problem leaving my valuables on a boat during snorkeling excursions to places like Stingray City, but if you're the least bit concerned about it, don't bring your good camera. Buy a few disposables and use these while on excursions. Stingray City is a blast, so be sure you have a few underwater cameras.

Jamaica is another story. Leave your valuables on the ship.

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